In addition to attending one of our organised tours and wine-tasting events (see under ‘calendar’ below), you can always suggest a tour and wine tasting session (for minimum eight adults). These are possible throughout the year, except for the September and October harvest months. A tour, wine-tasting session and visit to the vineyard (in good weather) takes about one and a half to two hours. For queries/reservations please contact us using the contact form (and preferably not by phone). Prices for guided tours are:

  • Tour and flight of two wines: €11 per person
  • Tour and flight of three wines: €13 per person
  • Tour and flight of four wines: €15 per person

Please note: a visit to our walled garden at Duras Castle is not combinable with a tour and wine-tasting session. This site can only be visited on our Wine Weekend, which we hold annually on the national holiday weekend.

Below we give an overview of the times when our wines can be tasted. In addition to attending on these dates you can always request a tour and tasting session (for minimum eight adults). For more information please see above. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us using the contact form.

De ideale locatie
om te klinken!

Wij hebben onlangs een nieuwe wijnloods en degustatiepaviljoen bijgebouwd. Ons degustatiepaviljoen is geschikt voor events en wijnproeverijen van kleine groepen. Onze wijnloods kan verhuurd worden voor grotere groepen. Indien u interesse heeft om ons degustatiepaviljoen of onze wijnloods te huren voor een event mag u ons altijd contacteren. Hierboven vindt u enkele foto’s. Elisabeth Schalenbourg is de architect van deze gebouwen.